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Targets and activities of the platelet-derived factorsactivities.jpg

Cells: Chemotaxis, adhesion, proliferation, angiogenesis, modulation of cell differentiation
Environmente: Antibacterial activity 
Extra-cellular matrix: synthesis, remodeling, binding and release of growth factors 
Immune system: inflammation, immune response, cytokine network

Some clinical conditions which benefit from platelet derivatives

Chronic Wounds: decubitus, venous, diabetic ulcers
Acute Wounds: tegument decurtication, lacerative wounds
Oral and Dental Surgery: mandibular reconstruction; bone grafts, implants
Plastic Surgery: breast reconstruction, abdominoplasty, cranio-facial reconstruction, non-healing wounds,
skin grafts, burns
Orthopaedic Surgery: joint replacement, pseudoarthrosis, non-unions; ligament and tendon reconstruction
Ears, Nose and Throat: rhinoplasty, tympanoplasty, head-neck reconstruction 
Cardio-Thoracic Surgery: sternal repair, cardio-thoracic surgery
Aesthetic Surgery: lifting, blephroplasty, fat transfers, hair transplant