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biology.jpgThe driving force of the treatment with the Platelet Gel is its highly concentrated content of growth, regeneration, and healing factors. By far it was known that platelets contain and deliver factors having several different and synergistic effects over a variety of target cells and tissue constituents. The best characterized factors are those listed below:

  • PDGF (platelet derived growth factor)
  • TGF-β (transforming growth factor beta)
  • EGF (epidermal growth factor)
  • FGF (fibroblast growth factor)
  • IGF (insulin growth factor)
  • PDEGF (platelet derived epidermal growth factor)
  • PDAF (platelet derived angiogenesis factor)

Each factor elicits specific effect modulating the activity of specific target cells (e.g. fibroblasts; keratynocytes; endothelial cells; and many others). These effects range from chemoattraction of cells within the lesion site; proliferation of tissue forming cells; genesis of newly formed vessels; induction of new collagen synthesis; remodeling of newly formed tissue.

It is less know that, these factors apart, Platelet Gel delivers at the lesion site many dozens of factors including cytokines, hormones, growth factors, hemostatic factors, ions, bactericidal substances, enzymes. In a recent survey, more than one hundred of these factors were listed (ISBT Science Series,2007, 2, 272–281). 
All of these factors act modulating the three major phases of tissue repair: inflammation; proliferation; remodeling.
This is the most striking motif of the treatment with Platelet Gel. 

All these naturally occurring factors act together in a impressively well orchestrated ensemble. No single drug used alone or combined with others might ever be so much effective as a natural ensemble of so many factors acting synergistically.

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